Sediment Filter


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Description of sediment filter
It traps particles, including rust and calcium carbonate
optionally, a second sediment filter with smaller pores.
The pore size of sediment filters are about 5 micron.
Inro technology sediment filter is also known as pp filter and also known as spun filter. it works on the thesis of sedimentation there for it is knownas sediment filter.

>TYPE OF SEDIMENT FILTER< Sediment filters are many types according to their size and types.In domestic ro generally 10" filter is used,in some ro machines 9"candle is also used.In domestic ro two types of filter is used first type is made up of polypropylene therefore it is called pp filter on the other hand is also known as spun filter. Second type of filter is known as thread filter.9" candle is generally made up of filter clothe. IN commercial ro generally 20" filter candle is also made up of pp and thread.In Industrial RO plant 20"length and 4.5" diameter filter is used there for is known as jumbo filter and also known as Big Blue Filter. This sediment filter is used to trap the rust ,mud annd other fibe micron particles.