Dolfin Domestic RO 10LPH

Item Code: 10-LPH These RO Systems are integrated with electronic controls that monitor water flow and automatically switch the pump off in case inadequate water supply.


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BASIS OF DESIGN of Dolfin Domestic RO 10LPH

Description / Model Commercial RO 80LPH/ PJR-10)
Flow rate 10-15 LPH
Power Consumption 40 watt
Storage tank As required installed and charged extra
MI. Feed water pressure 1.5 Kg/cm2
Maker of R.O Membane Voltron, (1 No)
Booster pump 1.8 LPH (1 No)
Max. TDS 1500ppm
Max feed water hardness 250ppm

Sl. No Amongst Components… Brand / MOC
1 FRP Box – PJR-10 MD Engineering
2 Sediment Filter Vessel Global Water Solution
3 Pre Carbon Filter Vessel Global Water Solution
4 Pre Activated Filter Vessel Global Water Solution
5 Post Carbon Filter Heathy Water Solution
6 Membrene 300 GPD Voltron
7 Electrical Fittings Finolex
8 Membrane Housing Heathy
9 Flow Restrictor P. & P. Global
10 Solenoid Valve P & P Global
11 Booster Pump KEMFLO 24V
12 SMPS Descent Co.
13 Inlet Valve MMP Steel, frp
14 Pipe and Fittings
RO membrane type————Diaphragm Type High-Pressure Pump
electrical load————-(80 watts)
Raw water TDS————–an upper limit of 1500ppm.

• These RO plants are noiseless and can be easily mounted on the wall.

• Higher Recovery of raw water up to 60%

Our Domestic RO units are equipped with the following special features which ensure proper functioning of the same for a long time.

1 Solenoid Valve -> This valve prevents the drainage of raw water when the RO unit is in OFF mode. Further it prevents choking of the RO membranes by not allowing raw water to flow though the membranes by not allowing raw water to flow though the membranes during this time.
2. Antiscalant-> These Special Crystals inhibits the scale formation by Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate on the RO membranes thereby increasing the working life of the RO membranes.
3. Separate Flow -> Our RO units has a separate flow restrictor for each membrane thus, ensuring a better performance of the membrane.

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dolfin domestic ro 10lph