Arsenic Removal Plant


Necsal commercials Pvt.Ltd. is a complete water solution company because it manufactures all type of domestic RO system as well as commercial and industrial RO machines and chemical plants.It also installed Arsenic removal plant,Iron Removal Plant and Fluoride Removal Plants.It also installed STP,WTP,ETP and Rain water harvesting system.

We provide all types of chemicals used in Industrial RO Plant such as anti scalant ,ph booster,membrane cleaner etc.It also deals in spare parts of all type of Domestic ro System and commercials as well as industrial plants.Our valued customers can avail the range of highly reliable Domestic RO Systems that are developed as per international quality norms and client’s technical demands.

Our company M/s Necsal Commercial Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and sells Reverse Osmosis Systems ( Domestic RO system, Commercial & Industrial), Water Softener( Domestic, Commercial & Industrial) as well as Waste Water Treatment Plant.It also install RAIN WATER HARVESTING UNIT. We offer you a cleaner, safer and healthier lifestyle through our products such as Reverse Osmosis Systems followed by reliable after sales service of our Water Softener Plant. Our motto is to provide quality at most competitive rates.

Looking forward to a positive response and long term association with your esteemed organisation among our vast number of clients.For example St. George School, Shri Venkateshwar School, Lenco, Subrosa,Eros Group,etc large number of offices, commercial institutes, hotels, restaurants, educational, charitable & domestic users etc.

> Effect of Arsenic in drinking water < Arsenic is highly toxic in its inorganic form as a result long-term exposure to arsenic from drinking-water and food can cause cancer and skin lesions. It has also been associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In utero and early childhood exposure has been linked to negative impacts on cognitive development and increased deaths in young adults. Long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic, mainly through drinking-water and food, can lead to chronic arsenic poisoning. On the other hand skin lesions and skin cancer are the most characteristic effects. Therefore it is recommended to the drinking water supplier to observe the quantity of arsenic in their region from where they collect water to purify and installed arsenic removal plant. >Descriptions of Arsenic Removal Plant< 1. Multi Grade Sand Filter: Purpose: To remove the total suspended solids, dirt, iron, and reduce silt density Index, which can foul the membranes. Sl. Parameter DESCRIPTIONS (a) Make Pentair Water (b) MOC FRP/Poly glass (c) Diameter 30" height 72" (d) Quantity 1 One Set (e) Media Anthracite, Pebble and Fine Sand 2. Arsenic removal Filter used in arsenic removal plant Purpose: To remove the excess arsenic. Sl. Parameter DESCRIPTIONS (a) Make Pentair (b) MOC FRP (c) Diameter 36 height 72" (d) Quantity 1 One Set (e) Aluminum sulfate 3. Piping: Pipe of PVC 28 Bar tested pressure testing cock & pressure gauges at inlet-outlet of system Sl. Parameter DESCRIPTIONS (a) Make Astral (b) MOC U-PVC (c) Burst Pressure 28Kg/Bar (d) Quantity 1 1 Lot 5. Micron Filter: Purpose: To remove the fine particles up to 05 microns and reduce silt density Index levels to acceptable level. Specifications: Housing: Sl. Parameter DESCRIPTIONS of Arsenic removal plant (a) Make RAVE Filtration (b) MOC of Housing PP (c) Length 20” (d) Diameter 5.5” (e) Quantity One nos. Cartridge (f) Make Pure & Safe (g) Cartridge MOC Polypropylene (h) Length 20” (i) Diameter 4” (j) Quantity One nos. (k) Micron Rating 05 Micron
Arsenic Removal Plant