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Our company M/s Necsal Commercial Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and sells Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO Domestic, Commercial & Industrial), Water Softener( Domestic, Commercial & Industrial) as well as Waste Water Treatment Plant and also deal in Antiscalant .Antiscalant is used for protect to fouling of calcium and magnesium carbonates in membranes. It also install RAIN WATER HARVESTING UNIT. We offer you a cleaner, safer and healthier lifestyle through our products such as Reverse Osmosis Systems followed by reliable after sales service of our Water Softener Plant. Our motto is to provide quality at most competitive rates.

Looking forward to a positive response and long term association with your esteemed organisation among our vast number of clients like. St. George School, Shri Venkateshwar School, Lenco, Subrosa,Eros Group,etc large number of offices, commercial institutes, hotels, restaurants, educational, charitable & domestic users etc.


Antiscalant is a pretreatment water additive for reverse osmosis system that is highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. Before the feed water enters the reverse osmosis membrane, an antiscalant is injected into the water and sent the through the system. The chemicals creates a time delay between the bicarbonate and the calcium magnesium. The delay allows the water to pass through the membrane before any chemical reaction, in which scale can form, occurs. This results is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO.
Scale Prevention.

Our design engineers can help you determine the proper dosing for our application. Most products in stock for immediate shipment. Contact us today for a quotation.
Antiscalant Ordering Information
A broad spectrum antiscalant designed to inhibit inorganic scale formation in membrane separation processes
Inhibits calcium carbonate scale up to Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Index (CCNI) of 2.2
Effectively inhibits formation of calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate and silica
Stabilizes metal ions to prevent metal oxides precipitation and disperses existing metal oxides/hydroxides, silt and clay particles
Approved for use by all major membrane manufacturers
Environmentally compatible, especially where discharge of waste into the environment is a concern