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alkaline jug (also known as an alkaline ionizer) is a home appliance which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.The alkaline stream of the treated water is called alkaline water. Proponents claim that consumption of alkaline water results in a variety of health benefits, making it similar to the alternative health practice of alkaline diets. Such claims violate basic principles of chemistry and physiology. There is no medical evidence for any health
benefits of alkaline water.

>Stages of purification< stage -1: Adds essentials minerals and increase pH which make alkaline water. Stage 2:Decrease ORP(Oxidation reduction potential)and gives Hydrogen rich water. Stage 3: Decrease NMR ( Nuclear Magnetic Resonance )which means decrease the molecular cluster size). Stage 4:Improve the test of water and also prevent the growth of Bacteria. in this content three types of bioceramic ball. and silver imppregnated carbon. The machines originally became popular in Japan and other East Asian countries before becoming available in the U.S. and Europe. alkaline jug