250 lph ro plant


Our valued customers can avail the range of highly reliable Industrial RO Systems. 250lph ro plant that are developed as per international quality norms and client’s technical demands. Widely appreciated for optimum performance, high water carrying capacity and low maintenance, our range of Industrial RO Systems ( 250 LPH ro plant) are highly demanded across various industries. Offered at industry leading rates our range has been successful in meeting clients’ demands and satisfy their water purification needs. 250lph ro plant is suitable for offices, restaurants, schools, coaching centers etc.

Features of 250lph ro plant:

Description Feature
Technology : RO Membrane Based, (Model: 4040)
Electricity : 2.2KW/440v, 50Hz
Pre Filtration : Sand and Activated Carbon Filter, Micron Filter
Post Filtration : GAC
Design to Work : TDS up to 3000ppm, Hardness 1600mg/I
Operating Mode : Automatic + Manual

1- Raw Water Pump in 250lph ro plant:
Purpose: To feed the dual media filter at pressure more than 3.0 bars, which is min. operating pressure for filters.
Specifications of 250lph ro plant:
Sl. Parameter Descriptions
(a) MOC CI
(b) Type Horizontal Centrifugal
(c) Flow Rate Min. 1200 Liters per hour
(d) Head 18m
(e) Power Required .37KW
(f) Electrical 220V, Single phase, 50HZ
(g) Cycle 2800 rpm
(h) Make CRI
(j) Quantity One Nos.

2. Multi Grade Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter of 250lph ro
purpose: To remove the total suspended solids, dirt, iron, and reduce silt density Index, which can foul the membranes.
(a) Make Pentair Water
(b) MOC FRP/Poly glass
(c) Diameter 10 x 54
(d) Quantity 1 One Set
(e) Media,Carbon Anthracite, Pebble and Fine Sand Actived carbon filter 1000idv

3. Piping:
Pipe of PVC 28 Bar tested pressure testing cock & pressure gauges at inlet-outlet of system
(a) Make Astral
(c) Burst Pressure 28Kg/Bar
(d) Quantity 1 1 Lot

4. Micron Filter:
Purpose: To remove the fine particles up to 05 microns and reduce silt density Index levels to acceptable level.
(a) Make RAVE Filtration
(b) MOC of Housing PP
(c) Length 20”
(d) Diameter 4”
(e) Quantity Two nos.
(f) Make Pure & Safe
(g) Cartridge MOC Polypropylene
(h) Length 20”
(i) Diameter 2.5”
(j) Quantity Two nos.
(k) Micron Rating 05 Micron

5. High Pressure Pump:
Purpose: To Feed the Reverse Osmosis Membrane at pressure more than the osmotic pressure taking into consideration flux rate, flow and recovery.
(a) MOC Stainless Steel
(b) Type Vertical Multistage
(c) Flow Rate 4000Liters Per Hours
(d) Head 160mwc
(e) Power Required 1.1 KW
(f) Electrical 220V, single phase, 50HZ
(g) Cycle 2900 RPM
(h) Make CRI
(i) Quantity 1 One nos.

6. RO Membrane Module:
Purpose: To remove the major part of TDS up to 98% by Reverse Osmosis Membranes arranged and designed to give adequate flow and recovery.
(a) Type Spiral Wounded
(b) Diameter of Membrane 4.0 Inch
(c) Length of Membrane 40” Inch
(d) No. of Membranes 2 One nos.
(e) Recovery per Membrane 10-15%
(f) Salt rejection per Membrane Up to 99%
(g) Make of Membrane TFC
(h) System Recovery Up to 40%
7. RO Pressure Vessel:
Purpose: To pack Reverse Osmosis Membranes and operate at high pressure up to300 psi.
(b) Diameter of pressure Vessel 4.5 Inch
(c) Length of Pressure vessel 2.2m
(d) No. of Pressure vessel 1
(e) No. of Membrane per vessel 1
(f) Make Pentair
(g) Position Verticle
(h) Arrays 1 No.

8. >Electrical Panel< Purpose: Control Panel is provided as a safety measure for the pump & other electrical items. Specifications: Sl. DESCRIPTIONS (a) Complete Starters, overload relays. (b) Voltmeter, Ammeter, MCB’s Indicating Lights (c) Push Buttons (d) Rocker switches for dozers (e) Incomers Auto-manual switches 9.Instrumentation Sl. Equipment’s Specifications (a) Flow Meter To measure the online flow of water (b) Pressure Switches To Protect RO system from different water pressure (c) Pressure Gauges For calculate ^ P for each unit in RO system Out bound link:-
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