With us you can get the best Effluent treatment plant



Treatment of effluents in water is essential from the point of view of protecting the environment. We at Nescal Commercial Pvt. Ltd. manufacture and sell many different equipment and products which can be used in the treatment of effluents on a large scale. Our equipment are specially designed using CAD/CAM software in order to ensure their efficacy in the treatment of effluents in the water.

Our products can be used to purify and recycle water on a large scale and have been installed in many places in the Delhi-NCR region. The quality of water treated by our effluent treatment plant is very good and can be used for various purposes. At the same time, our ETP systems are cost efficient which ensures that along with doing your bit for the environment you will also have something which does not dig a deep hole in your pocket.

Our effluent treatment systems can be installed in various places like large townships or large residential areas and we also have ETP in Dwarka. We also have effluent treatment systems which can be installed in industrial areas in order to specifically deal with the chemical effluents generated by the industrial sector. All in all our systems are flexible and easy to maintain making them hassle free and cost effective.